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director: Daniel Kusan
short fiction, 21 min, 2014
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She is an unemployed mother with a two-year-old child. She is trying to find a job and to carry on with normal life in a crazy world in which relaxed moments are unusually valuable. The only sort of support she has is from her husband, who she talks to over the phone during the day. He works at a car store and will soon lose his job. He is furious at a situation which rejects him and does not allow him to take care of his family. Telephone conversations with his wife are superficial, discontinuous and not intimate enough. The only thing they are left with is to survive until the end of the day, survive a bunch of unimportant people and situations which only waste their time, and find peace in their home, togetherness, in family.

Iva: Ivana Roscic
Marko: Stjepan Peric
Anita: Tena Jeic-Gajski
Goran: Mislav Cavajda
Josko: Boris Svrtan
Ante: Drazen Sivak
Laura: Karla Brbic
Greta: Irma Kusan

Screenwriter: Daniel Kusan
Producer: Ankica Juric Tilic
DOP: Raul Brzic
Editor: Daniel Kusan
Composer: Dinko Appelt
Sound designer: Dubravka Permar
Art director:Bojan Drezgic
Costume designer: Emina Kusan
Make-up artist: Laura Buljan

sales agent:
Gonella Productions
1 Chemin de la Sabatière
13400 Aubagne, France
tel: +33 (0)6 19 82 11 95
e-mail: contact@gonellaproductions.com



* 23th Days of Croatian Film 2014, Zagreb, Croatia - programme of domestic short films
* Tabor Film Festival 2014, Desinic, Croatia - domestic competition
* Pula Film Festival 2014, Pula, Croatia - croatian programme

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