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The Staffroom
director: Sonja Tarokic
feature film, 126 min, 2021
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Anamarija starts a new job as a counsellor in a school, which is a place full of petty conflicts and cliques. Initially she tries to stay out of the power games played by the headmistress, teachers and parents and just do her job with the children. But as she gets to know the system better Anamarija understands that in order to survive she has to sacrifice her integrity and play own game in the staffroom.

Screenwriter: Sonja Tarokic
Producer: Ankica Juric Tilic
Co-producer: KinoElektron (Janja Kralj)
DoP: Danko Vučinović
Editor: Borna Buljević
Art director: Tajana Čanić Stanković
Costume designer: Katarina Pilić
Makeup artist: Sanja Hrstić Kuterovac

Marina Redžepović,
Stojan Matavulj,
Nives Ivanković,
Maja Posavec,
Ivana Bakarić,
Sandra Lončarić

- script development, project development and production supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre
- project developed with the support of Creative Europe Program – Subprogram MEDIA
- project development supported by RE-ACT 2015 (TorinoFilmLab Script&Pitch)
- project development supported by RE-ACT 2016 (TorinoFilmLab FrameWork)
- markets and workshops: TorinoFilmLab Script&Pitch 2015, Les Arcs Coproduction Village 2015, TorinoFilmLab FrameWork 2016

- project awarded Les Arcs Coproduction Village Prize 2015
- project awarded TFL Production Award 2016


International Films Festival Karlovy Vary 2021., Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic - Special Jury Mention, Ecumencial Jury Award
Zagreb Film Festival 2021., Zagreb, Croatia - Special mention
Vilnius International Film Festival 2022., Vilnius, Lithuania - European debut competition - Best Actress Award to Marina Redžepović
FEST 2022., Belgrade, Serbia - competition programme - Best debut
Pula Film Festival 2022., Pula, Croatia - Grand Golden Arena for Best Festival Film, Golden Arena for the Best Director to Sonja Tarokić, Golden Arena for the Best Actor to Stojan Matavulj, The award of the critics jury for Best Film in the Croatian Programe, Golden Arena for Best editing to Borna Buljević, Golden Arena for the Best Supporting Actress to Nives Ivanković
Herceg Novi Film Festival 2022., Herceg Novi, Montenegro - Golden Mimosa for The Best Directing to Sonja Tarokić, Golden Mimosa for The Best Actress to Marina Redžepović and Nives Ivanković
LIFFE - International Film Directing Festival 2022., Leskovac, Serbia - 3rd Award "Živojin Žika Pavlović" for Best Directing to Sonja Tarokić
Japanese Serbian Film Festival 2022., Novi Sad, Serbia - Grand Prix
Mostar Film Festival 2022., Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Award for the Best Actor to Stojan Matavulj, Award for the best Actress to Nives Ivanković
Actors Film Festival 2022., Vinkovci, Croatia - Golden Orion Award for Best Actress to Marina Redžepović, Silver Orion for Best Supporting Actress to Nives Ivanković


International Films Festival Karlovy Vary 2021., Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic - competition programme
La Mostra de Valencia 2021, Valenzia, Spain - competition programme
Torino Film Festival 2021, Torino, Canada
Cottbus Film Festival 2021, Cottbus, Germany - competition programme
Calgary International Film Festival 2021, Calargy, Canada - International narrative competition
The European Union Film Festival India 2021, New Delhi, India - European Cinema Today
Zagreb Film Festival 2021, Zagreb, Croatia - Competition programme: feature films
International Film Festival of India 2021, Goa, India - World Panorama
Vilnius International Film Festival 2022, Vilnius, Lithuania - European debut competition
FEST 2022, Belgrade, Serbia - competition programme
Stadtkino Basel 2022, Basel, Switzerland - Female Directors programme
Crossing Europe 2022, Linz, Austria
Seattle Film Festival 2022, Seattle, USA
International festival of independent film Off Camera 2022., Krakow, Poland - international selection programm
Kino Otok 2022, Isola, Slovenia
Europe on the Screen 2022, Indonesia
Atlantida Film Festival 2022, Spain
Vila 2022, Novi sad, Serbia
Cinedays European Film Festival 2022, North Macedonia
Pula Film Festival 2022, Pula, Croatia - national competition programme
Brač Film Festival 2022, Supetar, Croatia - official programme
Herceg Novi Film Festival 2022, Herceg Novi, Montenegro - official competition
LIFFE - International Film Directing Festival 2022, Leskovac, Serbia - official competition
Samizdat Eastern European Film Festival 2022, Glasgow, UK
LIFFE 2022, Ljubljana, Slovenia - Panorama programme
Japanese Serbian Film Festival 2022, Novi Sad, Serbia - competition programme East Asia - West Balkan
Mostar Film Festival 2022, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina - competition programme
Actors Film Festival 2022, Vinkovci, Croatia - competition programme
BalCan Crossover 2022, Praha, Czech Republic
Eastern Neighbours Film Festival 2022, Amsterdam, Netherlands
L'Aquila Film Festival 2022, L'Aquila, Italy
Mediterranean Film Festival 2022, Malta, Malta
Festival international de cinema d'auteur de Rabat 2023., Rabat, Morocco - programme La Croatie pays d'honeur

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