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One Shot
director: Robert Orhel
feature film, 76 min, 2013
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One accidental shot will intertwine the destinies of two young women – Anita, an inspector who gets on amazingly in professional and quite well in her private life and Petra, a young woman whose everyday life would surely be simpler if she did not have to take care of her alcoholic mother. The investigation on the accidental shot will intertwine their destinies at a moment when they both find out that they are pregnant. At huge turning points in their lives, each in her own world and equally left on their own, these two women will, step by step, become close during the investigation. They were not planning it, they did not want it, it happened accidentally. And that accidental circumstance will change the courses they were planning on taking.

Anita: Ecija Ojdanic
Petra: Iva Babic
Petra's mother: Barbara Nola
Ivan: Enes Vejzovic
Anita's father: Milan Strljic
Petra's father: Milan Plestina
Matija: Alen Liveric
Morana: Mia Biondic
Goran: Danko Ljustina
Kebalo: Pjer Menicanin
Damir: Filip Nola
Ines: Tanja Tusek
Black: Stefan Kapicic
Female witness: Lena Politeo
Cvita: Cvita Viljac
Daria: Zeljka Udovicic
Police officer: Mijo Kevo
Black's friend: Davor Travinic

Sreenwriter: Robert Orhel
Producer: Ankica Juric Tilic
DOP: Stanko Herceg h.f.s.
Editor: Ivana Fumic
Composer: Daniel Biffel
Sound designer: Dubravka Premar
Art director: Bojan Drezgic
Costume designer: Ivana Zozoli
Make-up artist: Julijana Vuskovic

* production: Kinorama & HRT



* 19th Annual European Union Film Festival 2016, Vancouver, Canada
* Cyprus International Film Festival 2014, Pafos, Cyprus - competition programme
* 30. Festroia Film Festival 2014, Setubal, Portugal - First Work competition
* XVI International Film Festival of Detective Films DetectiveFEST 2014, Moscow, Russia - official competition
* Festival International du Film d’Amour de Mons 2014, Mons, Belgium - International Competition
* Pune International Film Festival 2014, Pune, India - Global Cinema section
* 29th Alexandria International Film Festival for Mediterranean countries 2013, Alexandria, Egypt - Mediterranean Panorama programme
* Cinemed - Festival International Cinéma Méditerranée 2013, Montpellier, France - official competition
* Reykjavik International Film Festival 2013, Reykjavik, Iceland - Grand Prix competition: New Visions
* Mostar Film Days 2013, Mostar, Bosnia i Herzegovina
* Days of Croatian Film in Orasje 2013, Orasje, Bosnia i Herzegovina
* Montreal World Film Festival 2013, Montreal, Canada - World Competition
* Pula Film Festival 2013, Pula, Croatia - National Program, Main Section

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